• Extra Virgin
    Olive Oil
  • Extra Virgin
    Olive Oil
  • Extra Virgin
    Olive Oil

Oro di Rufolo

Ortoplant is a dynamic company, that believes in the development of local resources, it lives the territory and, feeling strong of its olive groves inherited from their fathers, it decided to invest in the extra virgin olive oil sector by creating the “Oro di Rufolo” brand. Initially the...

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  • Taste of “Apulia”

    The taste of our olive oil represents our native region, Apulia, with all his multiple colors. This olive oil becomes the symbol of our passion for nature.
  • Full of nature

    The great value of our products lies in our dedication to nature.
    Our olive oil is produced in the full respect of our land and of nature.
  • Extra-virgin olive oil

    The intense aroma of our olive oil is the most important characteristic of our oil, the result of a scrupulous work, aimed at taking the best from our fruits,


Our olive oils are produced basically by “Ogliarola Barese” and “Coratina” cultivations, which are planted, grown and produced in lands of our property, where we personally follow each production process. The olive oil can be produced in different manners, by one pure variety of olives or by different varieties mixed with care and attention, in order to give birth to different olive oils with different flavours and taste, ready to satisfy the more and more different consumer demand.

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