Oro di Rufolo

Ortoplant is a dynamic company, that believes in the development of local resources, it lives the territory and, feeling strong of its olive groves inherited from their fathers, it decided to invest in the extra virgin olive oil sector by creating the “Oro di Rufolo” brand.

Initially the company had only 5.5 hectares of land, with a little more over 600 secular olive trees, but today it can count on an area of 12 hectares of land, with more than 2,000 olive trees.

The lands acquired, have been improved with specialized interventions, with the extirpation of fruit plants obsolete, and with the replacement of certified young olive trees. The positive story of the three entrepreneurs continues, since 2012, when they took their first steps into the extra virgin olive oil world, they have gained increasing support, collecting growing consensus and appreciation for oils produced by them. To prove it, is the constant presence in the most famous guides magazines, dedicated to olive oils of excellence, and numerous awards in national and international competitions, from where the Ortoplant won two Gold Medals in the Sol d’Oro 2016 competition.

Oro di Rufolo - Origins

In the XIIIth century, Mr Nicola Rufolo, who was born in Ravello, built not so far from Giovinazzo, an architectonical masterpiece of fortified farm, where the “liquid gold” was produced.

This famous example of ancient farm is still intact and it is proof of the importance that olive oil had in these territories.

Its boundary walls are impressive, with the communication trenches between the two walls of the boundaries, built in order to defend the site from enemy attacks. You can still see its big barrel vaults and the big tanks where olives were stocked. Olives once pressed produced a liquid substance that was gathered in circular tanks built in the rocks. From these tanks the olive oil flowed thorough subterranean tanks. The big millstones on the floor are proof of how hard and slow this work was.

Walking through these walls you can close your eyes and imagine how hard those times were, how those farmers, tired, with worn clothes hardly worked under the weak light of oil-lamps and of fireplace that warmed the room in order to make easier the oil extraction.

Each day when going to work, we pass near this old farm “Torre Rufolo”. “Ortoplant” is sited in this old quarter , the street has the same name of its founder, “Torre Rufolo”. It seems like we want to continue Mr Rufolos’ tradition , in this fascinating world of the extra-virgin olive oil.

Now, as it was also in the past, the oil-harvest and the oil-pressing are important events for entire families, that wait for all the year this moment to come. As per tradition, they join these events with enthusiasm and happiness. The modern techniques make the oil-harvest and production faster , the work is really less hard for farmers, but the thing which stays unchanged is the maniac attention to optimize the oil production, in order to improve the quality of those precious gold drops and their important characteristics.