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Coratina Monotype

Available in:
0,10 liter
0,25 liter
0,50 liter
3,00 liter
5,00 liter

Product details

Acidity: 0,19
Polyphenols: 1181

– If purely produced, this olive monotype, emphasizes the strong flavours typical of Apulia.
This olive oil goes well with meat, cooked vegetables, legumes and salads.
Its herbaceous fragrance with a little aroma of artichoke and almond gives this olive oil a distinguished character and creates a right equilibrium between bitter and spicy taste. Very few drops for intense sensation.

Evaluation Board sensory and physical-chemical analysis


Oil Production Process

We carefully follow each production process in the olive lands of our property that are handed down from father to son.

Each year we prune our olive trees and we weed the land. We use plant protection products only if strictly necessary, as we tend to use only eco-friendly chemicals.

The harvest is made manually by means of subsidiary tools, when olives are at the right level of maturity. Once harvested, olives are gathered and stocked in tanks with little dimension and immediately carried to the oil mill, where they are pressed.

Olives are first separated by leaves by means of a machine and then carefully washed. The non-stop pressing process is made at very low temperatures in order to better emphasize the organoleptic characteristics of the olive oil.

Olive oil is packed in vacuum tanks of stainless steel. The entire packaging process is made in rooms with controlled temperature, in order to preserve in the best way the olive oil we produce.

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