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A dynamic company, believes in the development of local resources

Ortoplant, a dynamic company

Believes in the development of local resources, lives the territory and, strong in the olive groves inherited from his fathers decides to invest in the extra virgin olive oil sector by creating the brand “Oro di Rufolo”.

Initially the company consisted of only 5.5 hectares with just over 600 centuries-old olive trees, but already today it can count on an area of 12 hectares with more than 2,000 centuries-old olive trees

The acquired land has been improved with interventions aimed at specialization by uprooting obsolete fruit trees, optimizing planting beds by planting young certified olive trees and subjected to treatments allowed in organic cultivation.

The positive story of the three entrepreneurs repeats itself, since 2012 when they took their first steps in the world of extra virgin olive oil they have been collecting increasing acclaim and appreciation for the oils they produce, which is demonstrated by the constant presence in the most renowned guides dedicated to olive oils of excellence, and the numerous awards in national and international competitions.

In the 13th century, Nicola Rufolo, a native of Ravello, had a splendid architectural example of a fortified farmhouse built in the immediate vicinity of Giovinazzo, where “liquid gold” was produced from the olives grown in Giovinazzo and neighboring towns. A true industry of yesteryear, it has come almost intact to the present day to testify to all the importance that oil has always had in these places. Imposing its walls, visible “walkways” carved into the double walls to defend against external attacks, its large barrel “lamie,” the “cameni” for the storage of olives. The circular tanks, dug into the rock, collected oil from the presses that flowed into underground cisterns.


The large stone millstones on the floor testify to the hard work marked by a slow and steady rhythm. Passing by these places the mind tries to imagine those times, those fatigued men, with worn clothes, working in the dim light of oil lamps and the large fireplace that heated the room to facilitate the extraction of oil.

Every day to go to work, we pass by Torre Rufolo, our company is located in the homonymous district and the brand “Oro di Rufolo”, wants to be a passage of witness to continue the journey in this extraordinary and fascinating world of extra virgin olive oil.

In fact, today as then, the entire village is involved in the harvesting and milling of the long-awaited fruit, every family participates and rejoices in the new harvest. The new techniques impart different rhythms, alleviate many of the labors of yesteryear, nothing detracts from the passion and maniacal care we give to extract the precious drops of gold, on the contrary they improve the quality by enhancing the typical characteristics of our product.